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Rated Excellent

#1 Lebanese Cuisine, Top in South Miami
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Authentic Mediterranean Lebanese Food.

Indulge in all the robust flavors and combination of spices cooked to perfection.
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Flavor—Fully Prepared

Served in a Fun and Delightful Atmosphere.
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Authentic Lebanese Styling

South Miami Location

Elegant Outdoor Dining


To step into the dining room is to be immediately transported to another country: walking in, one gets the sense that one has left behind the busy traffic of Sunset Drive and the hustle and bustle of shoppers, and entered instead an intimate restaurant in a far-off land.

The eye is dazzled by brightly colored ceiling and swaths of fabric hanging from the windows, and by an array of authentic Middle-Eastern art, such as the traditional paintings and lamps that have been specially delivered from Lebanon. In the air hangs the mouthwatering smells from the kitchen.

Those aromas come from the unique blend of spices Marhaba uses in a variety of signature Lebanese specialties, which are made from traditional family recipes. A particular favorite is Kibbeh Nayeh, made according to a recipe that has been traditionally passed on for generations. Other popular selections include Kababs of Lamb, Beef, Chicken or Shrimp, as well as a number of salads and vegetarian dishes.